Dr. M. N. Tarazi

Collective Iftars

Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

August 2010

   "And what is that in your right hand Abu Omar?", a curious brother asked me when we were sitting in the mosque waiting for the magrib athan to breakfast.

   "It's a mug containing my daily Ramadan dose of soup. I brought it to help keep me alive until my turn comes, 30 to 45 minutes after the athan, to get my dinner!", I replied.

   As I stand in line, uncomplainingly waiting to get my food, those who beat me to the line (many are children and only God knows how many of them fasted that day) start to emerge from the line with plates full of my favorite foods; chicken tanduri, sambusak and salad. By the time I get to be served my favorites are gone.             
   I was in a food line at a mosque and I noticed from far away my favorite fruit salad. This time I was lucky to find some left when I got there and I served myself a nice bowl. To my
surprise it contained extremely...Read More