Dr. M. N. Tarazi

   It is late Saturday morning. Abdullah’s wife, Safyia, is out shopping with their youngest daughter Aisha, for school supplies.

   Abdullah, who likes to be called Abu Yazan, makes his own double-double coffee, two teaspoons each of sugar and milk. Then he goes to the family room, sits down on his favorite rocking chair and starts sipping and enjoying his coffee.

   Saturday’s newspaper, ads, coupons and a stack of mail are left for him on the side table. He starts skimming through the headlines, looking, precisely, for the latest news from his birthplace, Syria. He locates the article, scans it quickly and finds, not surprisingly, nothing that he doesn't already know. The coverage of the Middle East in the newspaper is usually about 8 hours old, due to the difference in time zones. Abdallah heard it and saw it all the night before on.....Read More

I Reserve the Right to React

Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

October 2013