Dr. M. N. Tarazi

Acclaim for There is Always Another Way

“Dr. Nabih Tarazi has acquired much knowledge and wisdom over the years in his roles as a spiritual leader, community activist, and family counselor. In this collection of short stories, he reflects on life lessons he has learned and wishes to share. His stories inspire us. They challenge us to remain patient and take the high road. They encourage us to trust in God’s plans. These stories extend the mentorship and gentle guidance that Dr. Tarazi has brought to his community for decades to a new audience of readers, inspiring them to navigate life’s challenges in a spiritually uplifting way.” -Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin, Author of My Name is Bilal, The Best Eid Ever, and A Party in Ramadan

"A nicely written collection of short stories by Dr. Tarazi. Dr.Tarazi employs simple language and story form to convey deep and complex ideas and traditions. His simple yet straightforward approach drives the message home without any ambiguity. It is a book about traditions and morals and is a must read for all.” -Khaled Shammout, Author

“I really enjoyed reading the stories. Each one had an excellent lesson/reminder that stuck with me.” -Rima Dabdoub, Language Arts Teacher

The book is now available in Paperback  Format ($5.95) and in eBook Format ($2.99) at Amazon

This book is a collection of ten stories. Each and every story delivers one or more moral lessons. The hope is that the readers will enjoy the stories and benefit from them in their personal lives.

There is Always Another Way

 Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

July 2013