Dr. M. N. Tarazi

    Anna was a righteous woman married to Imran, a great man from the children of Israel. Almighty Allah has blessed and chosen the House of Imran as He did for Adam, Noah and the House of Abraham above all people.

  Anna was barren and she wished so much to have children of her own. So one time she vowed that if she ever got pregnant, she would put the child in the service of the Temple of Jerusalem.

  Soon after her prayer, Allah listened to her and miraculously allowed her to conceive. When she first felt that, she turned to Allah and prayed:   

   “Oh my Lord! I have dedicated to you what is in my womb for your special service. So accept this from me! For you hear and know all things.”

   A few months later she delivered her child and to her surprise it was a girl. She turned to Allah and said: “Oh my Lord! Behold! I have delivered a girl....Read More

 Happy Birthday Jesus!

 Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

December 2012