Dr. M. N. Tarazi

This Call Maybe Recorded  

Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

November 2014

   Following advice from my brother in-law, I decided to join the millions who have retired online. It was easy and fast! It took me literally 20 minutes. From the comfort of my home, I applied online for social security benefits. There was no need to drive to a local Social Security office (generally difficult to find), to be received by a frowning security guard staring at you all the time, get a number, sit in an uncomfortable chair, and wait to see a Social Security representative. Better yet, no forms to sign and no documentation were required.

   Two weeks later I checked online on the status of my application and read, under ‘Application Status Information’:

  “The following statements are informational only. They are current as of today. You will receive the official notice of any decision made on your claim by U.S. mail. As of today’s date, a decision has not been made on your application.”

    I got busy and forgot completely about the application. A month passed and I did not receive an ‘official notice’, let alone a check. I went again online and got the same message, “as of today’s date, a decision has not been made on your application.”

   When reading a bit farther, the website provided an 800 number to call if more information was needed. After two rings a voice came: "Thank you for calling social security."

   You're very welcome! I wanted to reply by way of back-greeting, but stopped. It sounded like a recording, though not a usual recording; it was an ‘intelligent interactive talking machine’, a machine that can converse with you. Then I heard something that sounded like, “ para espanol marcar siete”

   This strange message was certainly not for me. Espanol sounds like Espanya, the way the Arabs call Spain.....  Read More